White Shadow Photography:

"Images that keep memories alive..."

Freelance Photographer, Bibhash K. Chaudhuri is available for professional assignment work, specializing in Documentary, News, Advertising, Travel, Architectural, and Scenic Landscape Photography. Serving the Midwest, in Missouri, Illinois.

With over 15 years in TV News Photojournalism, you can count on  timely, affordable personalized services. Call or email me to discuss your photography needs and receive a free proposal. No obligation.

"When I was a young boy, I tried and listen,
And I  wanna feel like that...
Little white shadows, blink and miss them
Part of a system I am

If you ever feel like something's missing?
Things you'll never understand
Little white shadows, sparkle and glisten
Part of a system plan."

-White Shadows by ColdPlay