All About Me, Bibhash

This is a little section about myself, so that you can learn something about me. If you have any questions feel free to email me and I will answer each and every email I receive personally.

Some Background On Me:

I was a chubby baby...but a strict diet of Barbeque and Indian food along with some music by Jimmy Buffett and also throw in some Ramones on the side, would mold me into the man I am today.

I began to immerse myself in the media at a young age wanting to know all about every from of journalistic media. I learned how to give a speech, know what the difference is between hard news journalism and an editorial. I developed a keen interest in First Amendment issues, especially Freedom of the Press.

I have been involved in all aspects of Television Production. From being a TV News Photojournalist, to a Producer, a Director, I have seen it all. My work has been seen on ABC, BBC, CNN, ESPN, NBC,  and NHK of Japan. However, my heart lies at being a Photojournalist/Photographer.

As a Member of the National Geographic Society and the National Press Photographers Association, I've been able to see so much as a News Photojournalist. In this business, you never know who you will be meeting and interviewing next.  I live by this quote...

"Its always a strange situation, but a wild occupation."

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My Philosophy and Work Ethics:

Most of us who are in this business, make it a point to put in a professional effort into everything we photograph. That is very important to me. Everything I photograph has a different impact on me. Everything I shoot has its own set of emotions.

Most people see things in color. I see things thru the viewfinder of a camera, which allows for my creativity to thrive.  Today my passion for photography continues to grow and the unlimited potential that I have with my digital camera continues to fuel my imagination. I enjoy my life as a Photographer and I hope I get the chance to work with you sometime in the future.

However before you leave this page, let me leave you with one thought. The truth is that we photographers intrude. Our jobs are to capture happiness, grief, turmoil,  and chaos.  We record life. We photographers have been told,  'Shoot everything.' But some folks only see a camera and not a photographer. We photographers have become a camera, and not a person. And some people do funny things in front of a camera. But keep your own self respect and have the common decency to respect others and especially us photographers. Even in the face of those who think us photographers are repugnant.

I love my occupation so here is one final quote, to make you think...

"Photography is like golf, You shoot a lot of bad  rounds (pictures), but what makes it all worthwhile is when you hit (shoot) that great shot, which makes you want to come back again and again."